2 thoughts on “Big Red Alumni Gather for 2nd Annual Jim Hanifan Memorial Top Golf Event

  1. I love reading about the St. Louis Cardinals. They were my team for the duration of their time in St. Louis. We came so close to winning it all a few times but it just wasn’t meant to be apparently. I still think about the great teams of the 60s with Charley Johnson and crew. We had great offensive lines in the 60s and 70s plus some stars on defense as well. Letting Dave Butz and Pat Fischer get away plagued us for years not to mention Terry Metcalf’s departure.

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  2. Looks like they had a wonderful time together. The St. Louis Football Cardinals will forever have a place in my heart. To bad they didn’t have the wildcard teams back in the 60’s. You never know what might have happened if some of those teams had made it to the playoffs. Too bad the Coryell era ended the way it did. St. Louis not a football town? Nonsense!! Those homegames were always sold out.

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